Thursday, 19 August 2010

Moving day part 3

Before you scroll down for parts 1 and 2 let me just establish that they do not exist, not even as drafts.  Any attempt to search for them will be fruitless and dull.

I moved today into my own little studio flat nearish the river, walking distance from an underground station, cinema and 24 hr tescos and cycling distance from uni (these were important criteria on which the decision process was based).

Today also coincidently marks the start of my descent into brokeness.  You may have guessed that the two are related.

I'm hoping that the expense will be worth it - so far my neighbours have shown no psychotic tendances, no antisocial behaviour, and no "in your business" over friendliness.  Its peaceful.  There is a park opposite the block leaving me no excuse not to get my ass into gear and run. I've definitely been slacking and its beginning to show.

So I'm gonna be keeping my eyes open for money saving deals, scamming dinner invitations off unsuspecting friends and family, and definitely spending every sunday at Mum's for that roast and apple crumble goodness (you see why the running is necessary).

Hope this goes well!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

I'm baaaaaack...

...although since it has been so long I think that it is safe to assume that my return won't be heralded with much pomp and circumstance.

I missed this blog as a tool for venting about the mounting frustrations of life, and celebrating the good things and good people that I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by.

So it is once again operational, when something interesting happens you'll be the first, second, on the list of people that should know :)