Monday, 26 October 2009

sick sad world

When it comes to humanity I like to think that there is very little that will shock me.  I watch the news and have to numb myself to the suffering because in my current mood (I'm in a funk) it would overwhelm me.  Today I was reading the news on my Crackberry (woop woop) and read something that just left me speechless.

Check out the link here

CNN International

In Summary, a man is currently on trial, for stabbing a pregnant woman, Marwa El-Sherbini, IN A COURTROOM!


How the hell did that happen?

Apparently this dysenteric individual was originally in court charged with defamation against Marwa.  She had asked if her son could use the swing which his niece was playing on and he unleashed a torrent of racial and religious abuse.  She sued him and won, but apparently he was able to enter and remain in the courtroom while in possession of a 7 inch knife, with which he stabbed her EIGHTEEN TIMES in front of her 3 year old child.

I feel physically sick.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


I'm in a funky mood.

Not in a good way.

Not in a migraine skanking kind of way

I'm feeling moody.  The kind of moody that Lindt chocolate usually helps to alleviate.  But I'm avoiding dairy for the month - for various reasons.

I've been a bitch to at least 2 people today and been called cold-hearted by one of them in return. He's irrelevent - and slightly insane, but it's still not nice to hear. I wonder if he'll realise that my heart is a furnace, just the exterior is cold and difficult to crack. 

You know like cadbury's eclairs? LOL yeah I said it.

I'm just in a mood.  Deepest indigo mood.  If there was a candle in my soul it would be a pinprick in a void.  I'm just grouchy.  I always related with oscar the grouch more than elmo.  Oscar lived in a freaking trash can - of course he was miserable - why would you expect him to be otherwise? Idiot.

Love you oscar

Hopefully my mood will lift tomorrow - fingers crossed my loves - I'm going to see the cutie with the dreads in crystal palace, I'm due a retwist.

Monday, 5 October 2009


OMG I love this woman.  I love her.  Her eponymously titled first album was the soundtrack to my life for at least a year and it still gets heavy rotation.

I will be on the look out for tickets HARD!  I'm sure she'll be doing some gigs real soon.  Any1 gets any info PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!

As I said on facebook, anyone found to be witholding information will be swiftly disowned

Saturday, 3 October 2009

in other news...

In 2 days it will be 3 months since my locs journey started.  So far I am wishing that I did this YEARS ago. 

It's so easy!

Retwisting myself every couple of weeks.  Going to see Strictly Dreadz in Crystal Palace when I'm feeling lazy.  I think they suit me.  I haven't seen any pics with me and my locs in them yet but the mirror seems happy enough.  I am currently having some moisture issues due to not washing my hair as often as I used to, but I might have to start spritzing - fun fun.

But yes I am a big big fan of this no-nonsense,no-fuss hair.  Long live the dreadz!

(update in 3 months time)


I learnt to dance in Cuba. That's the first thing. After 5 weeks of daily lessons 1-on-1 with my cuban teacher (yum!) I was pretty damn good on my feet.

To begin with, my teacher despaired of me because I couldn't be led, I wanted to dance my way and turn my way and screw whatever his body was saying. It was completely unconscious, but I am naturally stubborn and do tend to think that it is 'my way or the A1'. Nowadays I can be led, but only by a strong lead. If your arms are flimsy and weak then don't even bother, I will just dance by myself next to you and save you the trouble. I think that could work out as a strong relationship metaphor (I'll submit to you if I think you are worthy type of thing) but that's another day.

So Wednesday night me, the PhD and the Latina went to bar Salsa! (their exclamation not mine) and oh my word, I didn't realise how much I had missed it. The PhD lacks confidence, a couple years ago we went regularly for a few months but we lapsed so today her and her cousin did the beginners class. Me and the latina did the Improvers class and the rust began to show. The class was a fiasco, I was that hopeless one that no1 wants to dance with.

We had drinks during the second dance classes, treated by a gorgeous short dreadlocked Kenyan guy called Oscar.  He dressed sharp!  However after the latina told him that she was married and that I was some salsa hussy he swiftly disappeared.

(I'm not a salsa hussy btw, but it is not the first time that I have heard it, I just dance with pretty much anyone and make friends quickly.  I feel like in that environment, where its very much geared to guys asking girls to dance - girls need to not be so picky.  Its a dance not marriage!)

So dancewise I wasn't feeling the love on Wednesday (boooo) BUT I did accept a hand from a guy the PhD was refusing hard.  Not pretty at all, BUT MY GOD, the man could dance!  I was getting twirled all over the floor, my skirt was flying high (thank God for tights) and I was keeping up with him!  That dance was worth the whole night, I absolutely felt like I was flying!

More salsa in my life! Check!

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