Monday, 30 November 2009


So much to say and so little time.

  • I read Precious (Push) and watched Good Hair and both inspired tonnes of thought. 
  • I saw Corinne Bailey Rae's comeback gig at the tabernacle which has received rave reviews - one of them by me since me and my girl D had our comments featured in the Observer review section - woop!  Unfortunately the pictures were beyond awful so we kept that quiet. 
  • I watched Lenny Henry in Othello and was pleasantly surprised by his skill.  Then a few hours later I was disappointed by his dismissal
  • I seriously looked into places I can go and live after studying is done.  Requirements include heat, but no bugs, english speaking (french at a stretch), tax-free OR somewhere I can do some good.
  • I got my exam results back and totally surpassed my wildest expectations.  

Each of these should be a stand alone post - but I have no tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime - arrrgh!

My obnoxious self centred narssicism has raised it's ugly head - 5/7 sentences start with an "I" and I couldn't care less.

ME, ME, ME gaddammit!!

Everybody needs a day of self love

Monday, 23 November 2009

times are hard!

Gold bullion is forever...throw your gold in sky if you feel the vibe!

I know you've seen them

Those TV ads where groomed men speak in capital letters:


Usually I'd ignore these men for the hype merchants they are, and google advises that this is the best option since a lot of the www.cashmygold. com type domains have scam-like tendencies.

However a few months ago LondonDiva wrote about selling her gold via a more subtle website, and since times are hard I've decided to follow in her footsteps.  I'm hoping for about 300 squid - which will go towards replacing my malfunctioning lambda probe (but that's another story).

Will be updating...

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

today i... (pt 2)

 Today I news surfed on the crackberry on the train home:

FINALLY, Egypt is taking back its stuff! The staff at the Egyptian museum in Cairo want the Rosetta Stone back - can you believe that they have a fake version?

I wonder how the British Museum will respond to their request.

I love the peace and serenity of the British Museum.  I love the Bloomsbury area of London that it resides in.  I love that there is a fantastic comic book store right outside the British museum where I go to reward myself for my intellectual and cultural endeavours.

I do not love that my favourite area of the museum is signposted "Egypt and Africa".  Would they like a map? A globe?  A slap upside the head maybe?  I'm sick of Egypt being treated as a culturally distinct area, seperate from the rest of Africa.  It seems that this is the only way that the world can acknowledge the advanced nature of a civilistation that was ancient to the ancient greeks and romans!  Damn shame that it was on the same continent those black folk came from.

**rant over**

This one was sent to me by a fellow dental student avoiding revision as something we can aspire to when we qualify.  To paraphrase - a scottish MP (Alex) has got himself into a  bit of trouble after treating his dentist and his wife to a £1,400 meal and VIP tickets to a pop concert event on the taxpayer's dime.

So as an occasional tax payer I am incensed, but on the other hand, Alex had just had root canal treatment the week before.  Unless you have felt the hot throbbing ache of an infected tooth you may not understand the gratitude that some patients feel to their dentists post treatment. Next time hopefully that gratitude will come from his own pocket.

Back to revision - seriously this time

almost there...

Thanks to God, Allah, Krishna, Jehovah, Thor, Ra, Yemaya, The Flying Spaghetti Monster and/ or ___insert your deity of choice___

I'm almost through exam season.

Technically I should be going over notes for the last paper tomorrow - but I'm taking a break to eat Maryland cookies (yum) and catch up on my favourite blogs.

I haven't left my house to do something enjoyable for weeks.  Eva, the eternal homebody is sick of her home, her room and her bed - I never thought that it could happen!

Exam season has been good to me so far.  With no wish to tempt fate, so far things are progressing adequately. 

Not well?

Not well by any stretch of the imagination.  If I had been prepared to put in the necessary work, a distinction would have been imminent.  At the moment I'm hoping for a merit, I think I've passed, I think.  The thinking is driving me nuts.  But it's almost over!

In other news, the chef from one of the best Caribbean restaurants in London (if not the whole of the UK) has moved and opened his own restaurant in Canary Wharf.

Check it out here.  This is where we'll be wining and dining Mum for her birthday next weekend and she has no idea.  If you check out the restaurant you'll realise that its naming was an exercise in vanity.  But believe me when I tell you that this guy's ego deserved to be stroked.  I went to his restaurant in Brick Lane for my birthday and never wanted to leave. 

Perfect cocktails and perfect food

My only peeve was that the menu was full of typos (grammar nazi reporting for service), but hopefully that has been rectified.  If anyone has already tried this restaurant let me know what you thought.

Back to revision... wish me luck

Saturday, 7 November 2009

i do stupid things

that's it - that's all i have to say - i do stupid things and tonight I did another one.  boyyyy i'll regret this in the morning...

Thursday, 5 November 2009

first post of November

Hmm so I think we can all agree that I am failing in my mission to keep this current and up to date.


I would like to place the blame firmly at the door of the bitch-ass exams that are taking place next week, revision for which has absolutely destroyed any social schedule I may have had.  I'm not ready yet, but for some reason  The Fear has yet to hit me.  I'm not sure if you know about The Fear.  It's that moment prior to exams that halts you in your casual slow rolling steps, and makes you think "SH***********T I have exams in ___ days/ weeks" (please fill as appropriate).  The Fear usually causes that final burst of intense revision that gets you through the exams.

My exams are next week.

I have yet to feel The Fear.

I'm a little concerned.  Usually it kicks in about a week before.  But I have 3 days until exam number 1 and so far I'm feeling a little complacent.  Complacent people fails exams.  Retakes are in January - something to look forward to over X-mas I guess.

This is all very pessimistic - not like me at all.

To make myself feel better I have started the list of things I can do once revision is over:
  1. I've booked VIP tickets for screen 11 at the odeon to watch the exploitation flick This is it - I missed out on the concert, I want to see what my £80+ would have got me.  Don't think I lack sentimentality, MJ's death was tragic (and possibly homicide - that doctor is going to get shanked in jail).  But this film has nothing to do with missing Michael and everything to do with AEG recouping their huge financial losses.  So in the spirit of exploitation I will be sitting in VIP (extra money to sit on a balcony). 
  2. Learn French (again)  I have started and stopped and restarted and given up and now I'm starting again.  And this time the language of romance will stick.  I want to have dreams in french and watch La Haine without the subtitles.  (incidently, some1 still has that DVD and at some point I want it back).  To be honest I want to serenade Thierry Henry in his native language - at least I'm honest about my motives.
  3. Learn Guitar.  This one was inspired by the return of Mrs Bailey Rae - whom I love and admire massively (and who I will be seeing on 23rd November at an intimate sold out gig at the Tabernacle - *excitement*!).  But I've wanted to learn an instrument for ages.  When it comes to music I'm a jack of all trades but master of none.  I have a problem sticking with stuff - a typical gemini trait if you're into that stuff.  So I hope that by the time I graduate I will be an insoucient french speaking, guitar playing, natty dreaded, salsa dancing dentist.
  4. SALSA!  I've missed you my old friend.  Back to friday nights at Bar Salsa is a must.  I also want to check out the moves of the city boys since they're holding classes in Abacus now on Mondays.  It could be interesting.  I hope I don't bump into Babyface though.  It's where I met him and I know he likes to frequent it for after work drinks.  

  5. Study. Yeah I know this one is a little counter-productive (taking my mind off work with more work)  But I actually enjoy studying.  I started some reseach before revision hit that will make my academic CV pop, so I should probably finish it at some point before I have to start applying.
    Yeah thats pretty much it - life starts again on 12th November - and I may even blog some more too!   YAY - I actually do feel better.

    Back to revision