Sunday, 2 August 2009


I met a man, who leaves long handwritten rambling letters hidden in the library for me to find.

It's the stuff literary love affairs are made of.

I'm not sure I know what to do with him - I'm not used to romance.


  1. now that is romance... go with it.. don't think too much.. enjoy and go with the flow.

    I ahve another hair appointment if u wanna come.. this time it's on Friday at 4:30 in Bruce Grove! Best loctician I know... She did my hair for 6 yrs!

  2. that's weird would be cool in a novel but in the real world- i preach caution--I do believe in romance, but I also believe in Psychos

  3. Lion-ess, drop me an email address or phone number so I can let you know if I can make Friday, k?

    Rio - I appreciate the concern, fingers crossed for romance and not psycho! And he got the idea from a novel...

  4. havent heard from you in like 2 weeks, that is plenty of time to have been kidnapped by the library letter psycho

  5. My lil rio was worried about me? Thanks homeboy but as you now know - I'm alive and well - hope your're enjoying the land of the Pharoahs