Wednesday, 9 December 2009


A wise man once said:

"when people throw rocks at you you can do one of two things.  You can throw rocks back at them or you can use each rock and build your castle"

OK so the wise man was less Confuscious and more ol' green eyes himself, Mr Terrence Howard.

Don't judge the source.

Sometimes people need words to live by and these are as good as any other.  Actually they're a damn sight better than the con artist Rhonda Byrnes making millions from sharing "The Secret" of positive thinking.

Currently people are throwing rocks.  Not big 'wacky races' style rocks.  More like pebbles.  Small pebbles.  Sand if you will.  Don't underestimate the irritant properties of sand, when it is found in unfortunate places like swimming costumes or eyes it can burn like a...

... hot thing.

But throwing this sand back at these people, does nothing for me except make my arms tired (poor upper body strength you see).  So I need to get on building my castle (see above).

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  1. Rhonda Byrnes is indeed a con artist! Good quote by the way.