Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Samba aint easy!

I wore a few more clothes than this!
In the spirit of embracing all things Brazillian pre-trip (and because Nayz has been talking it up for months) tonight I checked out Brazilian night at Bar Salsa.  Fuelled by cheap Caiparinhas* (check spelling!) I attempted the free samba class. 


For future reference, samba is WORK.  You wanna know why Brazillian women have such fantastic bums?  SAMBA.  Good God y'all my legs are killing me.  It's so fast, and a hell of a lot of effort, but the most fun I've had at Bar Salsa for a very long time. Without sounding cheesy the music is actually uplifting, it put a smile on my face and an (extra) wiggle in my step.

After the class and a bottle of water to rehydrate we attempted some Forro (pronounced For-ho if you're bad).  Forro looks a lot like salsa, but it is very important to realise that it is not.  Otherwise you will step on your partners toes.  And if your partner is a hot but impatient Brazilian guy, this could be a problem, theoretically.

(Please note my repeated use of the word "attempted".  Nayz is awesome and knows what she is doing.  I could use some (a lot) work - but it was my first class so I'll allow myself.)

The night continued with a private introduction to Kizomba, a style from the Dominican Republic that I have been meaning to learn for ages .  It didn't fit the Brazilian theme but it fit with the music so I thought why not give it a try?  I met a guy who does Kizomba lessons in South West London and he taught me the basics.  Apparently in Kizomba your hips are supposed to move back and forth and not side to side.  This is DIFFICULT if you are a bonafide salsa chick like me, so I'm not even going to pretend that I knew what I was doing.  Kizomba is also danced ridiculously closely.  Head to head, chest to chest, arm to arm, belly to belly, groin to groin and leg to leg.  Usually this would be a huge problem for me, the grinders in Bar Salsa are legendary, but my impromptu teacher didn't have the seedy, crotch thrusting vibe that usually concerns me, and I didn't feel dirty afterwards - progress!

I'll definitely be back next Tuesday - and practicing Samba steps any chance I get!

*This drink consists of lime, sugar and copious amounts of rum

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