Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Running part 2

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I was at home today preparing for next week's interview and I felt stagnant and lazy.  I had taken up permanent residence on my sofa.  A true couch potato.  And my body was unimpressed, my hips and low back and shoulders were sore, as though I slept in an awkward position.  I had to get out.

Finally the trainers were laced, the i-pod charged and the sports bra located.  The ground and the air were damp from earlier rain and felt fresh.  I did some dynamic stretches because my underused muscles felt tight and stiff, drank some water, and left.

There is a park less than 1 minutes walk from my flat.  I really have no excuse for my prolonged period of inactivity.  The park is ringed by a path, and I jogged aroud it twice dodging cracks, potholes, uneven cambers and dog shit.  All of these things preferable to running like a hamster on a treadmill surrounded by sweaty, grunting people.  I think I'll try again on Thursday morning, let's see if I can get my ass in shape for Salvador!

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