Friday, 10 July 2009

a message to the leering and lascivious... make me hate summer.

I found myself this morning dressing as if donning armour for battle.


Because in sultry south London, a woman's body becomes community property in summer. The level of community ownership is directly proportional to the physical assets that said woman possesses and I possess said assets.

So my message to all of you optical sex-pests that want to mentally undress me when I leave the house:

Stop the ogling!

A quick appreciative glance is flattering.

A 5 minute stare is not only not flattering, it's borderline harassment.

I actually can't take it. It makes me ridiculously self conscious, hence my need to dress like a centurion on occasion.

*rant over*


  1. aye if he's undressing you then don't matter what you wearing son-

    ps - it's nature deal with it

  2. I do deal with it, regularly, but today I wanted to vent. get on board or get out.