Thursday, 2 July 2009

the decision has been made

I like talking to randoms on public transport. Along with reading, it is one of the only things I enjoy about public transport.

So today I talked to a random on the DLR.

A gorgeous black woman with a possibly american/ canadian accent (I can't tell the difference) and her even more gorgeous daughter. We'll call her Dreadz.

Talking to people on public transport is easy. All you need is a smile and an opening hook. So smile at the ready, I leaned over and said:

"Can I ask you a question? How long have you had your locs, they're beautiful"

And now I'm just realising how much like a chat-up line that sounded. Fortunately, Dreadz didn't run from my blatant (but unintentional) flirtation, and we proceeded to have a really good chat about the process of starting and maintaining locs.

Dreadz has had her locs for over 2 years now, and they look fabulous, no lie. Slightly longer than chin length, very black (not my off black/ brown dodgy hair colour).

And so today I decided that I want them!

Locs have been at the back of my mind for a few years. The last few years I have been enjoying the 'fro, and finally learning how to look after my hair and what works for me. But now I'm bored, ready for the next challenge, and maybe that is locs. If it isn't then they're reversible for the 1st 6months so no probs.

I'm aware that for the first 3-6 months my head is going to look RUFF! The until locs settle in they are temperamental, irritating, fluffy, frizzy, etc etc. but after that I'm hoping for something that looks a little like this...

or this....

(how beautiful are they? I mean it's not because of the locs, but still....)

So the twisting appointment is booked for Sunday 10.30. I'm being completely lazy because I could have done it myself but I'll part with £50 to get the partings at the back of my head straight. I feel like I'm starting a journey and I'm excited!

So much for my "its just hair" philosophy - lol


  1. That's really cool.. I started mines in 2001. You're in for a sometimes frustrating but fulfilling journey.

    Where are you going to get them done?

  2. I went to Morris Roots in Tooting. Looking forward to starting that journey. Your locs look fab by the way!

  3. U know I made an appointment by Morris and they were suppose to call me back but they never did. I waited all day!

    Another good place is Locs 4 life in Bruce grove. I went there for 6 yrs.. 07971101008. It's salon.

    Call Nerissa first before you call Locs 4 Life and see if she can come to you. She's really good and I'm going to get her to do my hair on the 24th. Tell her andrena gave u her number. She's one of my closest friend's sister. We all went to the same high school back in the Caribbean.


  4. Thank you so much - I will definitely give Nerissa a call in a couple weeks for my first retwist.

  5. I'm going there on the 24th.. so if u free u can come with me and check her out

  6. Yeah I think I will come down with you, whats ur email address?

  7. hi

    the hair appointment is at 4 on friday. Let me know if you're still up for it.
    Also my friend is coming with me because she wants to start locs but still a bit unsure. It'll be good for her to hear your point of view!

    Take care

  8. 28 sydenham rd, se26 5qw
    4pm appointment