Monday, 26 October 2009

sick sad world

When it comes to humanity I like to think that there is very little that will shock me.  I watch the news and have to numb myself to the suffering because in my current mood (I'm in a funk) it would overwhelm me.  Today I was reading the news on my Crackberry (woop woop) and read something that just left me speechless.

Check out the link here

CNN International

In Summary, a man is currently on trial, for stabbing a pregnant woman, Marwa El-Sherbini, IN A COURTROOM!


How the hell did that happen?

Apparently this dysenteric individual was originally in court charged with defamation against Marwa.  She had asked if her son could use the swing which his niece was playing on and he unleashed a torrent of racial and religious abuse.  She sued him and won, but apparently he was able to enter and remain in the courtroom while in possession of a 7 inch knife, with which he stabbed her EIGHTEEN TIMES in front of her 3 year old child.

I feel physically sick.


  1. We are living in the last days. I know what you mean concerning the sick feeling to the gut - last year I had a homie who was shot 18 times on Christmas Day, at a family gathering at that, outside in front of over twenty five friends and relatives by his own brother-in-law.

    Feel that.

  2. @Don - that's awful, these events are just tragic and I feel like I'm hearing the more and more often, and sometimes I just despair, u know?