Tuesday, 13 October 2009


I'm in a funky mood.

Not in a good way.

Not in a migraine skanking kind of way

I'm feeling moody.  The kind of moody that Lindt chocolate usually helps to alleviate.  But I'm avoiding dairy for the month - for various reasons.

I've been a bitch to at least 2 people today and been called cold-hearted by one of them in return. He's irrelevent - and slightly insane, but it's still not nice to hear. I wonder if he'll realise that my heart is a furnace, just the exterior is cold and difficult to crack. 

You know like cadbury's eclairs? LOL yeah I said it.

I'm just in a mood.  Deepest indigo mood.  If there was a candle in my soul it would be a pinprick in a void.  I'm just grouchy.  I always related with oscar the grouch more than elmo.  Oscar lived in a freaking trash can - of course he was miserable - why would you expect him to be otherwise? Idiot.

Love you oscar

Hopefully my mood will lift tomorrow - fingers crossed my loves - I'm going to see the cutie with the dreads in crystal palace, I'm due a retwist.

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