Monday, 22 June 2009

today i...

...extracted 2 wisdom teeth from 2 different patients in 2 hours - funking fabulous!

...spoke to my northern friend, who forgets me on occasion but is loved nonetheless

...finished off the vegan blackforest gateau i made for Father's day
(vegan does NOT mean tasteless - it was full of chocolately/ cherry goodness)

....screened my calls - I'm refusing to let that nokia rule my life. Leave a message, I'll get back to you, maybe

...made plans to see terminator 4 (finally), last big blockbuster of the summer (i think), will it enter my top 3 of 2009?


  1. i think i felt the same way about terminator as you did about transformers. i did get somewhat involved but i didn't like the ending. BUT meh, christian bale, hawtness!

    ps helloo! :)

  2. Ohhh no, I'm going to see terminator tomorrow - but you're right, if the film is bad I still have some serious eye candy to entertain me, Bale..yum!

  3. Vegan cake? Hmm that sounds interesting, neer tried one of those. Also, I didn't know that another terminator was coming out! Now that I've gotta see.

  4. Do you ever keep patients' teeth as a souvenir? Maybe make a kitschy necklace out of them? Or store them in a jar and see if they start procreating new life...a new generation of teeth??