Monday, 15 June 2009

twenty-four years and 3 days

This print is called "Celebration" by Keith Mallett and can be purchased here

I had such a lovely birthday weekend.


Started off at friday lunch when I was greeted at uni by my lab partner holding my card in one hand and a handmade banana cake in the other - she knows that good cake is my red kryptonite. She apologised that it wasn't a giant lemon slice - but apparently that's in production for next year.


We'd come in early for our afternoon session and sat in the student union celebrating my birth. Eventually we went to the afternoon sesh which was Oral Surgery with my nemesis/ tutor. He looks like Hey Arnold's Indian twin brother, and has an infuriatingly passive smile and a voice which makes me want to garrote him. Luckily for me, I got to avoid him all session while treating a patient with trismus and lingual nerve parasthesia after wisdom tooth removal - basically her tongue was numb and she could hardly open her mouth without pain. (And by treating, I mean reassuring her that it will go away in a few weeks because there is absolutely f*** all we could do for her).

After uni was a mad dash home to eat, wash and prettify myself before being chauffeured to the o2 (mum was feeling generous) to meet the girls. The indigO2 was hosting boyzIImen that night and my darling friend had bought me tickets as a present. The tickets said BoyzIImen plus special guests and we had spent weeks trying to work out who was in town and who would perform well with the boyz. Our guesses ranged from Beyonce (unlikely in hindsight) to Britney (lol - can you imagine?). The reality was an opening act who looked like Dave Chappelle and sang like a cruise line entertainer.

*epic fail*

Maybe he was just there to make the Boyz look better - but he was absolutely unnecessary! We were late so we missed most of his set, and settled in to watch the Boyz with a malibu and cranberry in my hand and flanked by the girls on either side.

The boyz still have it!

Can you imagine? After almost 20 years they still have it. The lights glistened off the Dax in their texturised hair. The 3 piece suits were SHARP! The dance moves perfectly evoked the feel of the groups of the 90's. In the background they played their music videos showing more 90's dance moves, and women wearing clothes *woah* and when they were in swimwear there wasn't a bootyshaking, ass clapping, p**** popping one among them. But I digress...

The harmonies were TIGHT! But that was to be expected. Unfortunately the 4th member of the group left. He was the one with the BASS in his voice (I know you know who I mean) and his voice was definitely missed, especially in A Song for Mama and End of the Road. Hopefully he'll be back, rumor has it that he's suffering from a debilitating illness, so prayers for effective management and a speedy recovery.

The Boyz should have spent more time on stage - their back catalogue is huge and so many songs were missed out but it looked they ran over their time since after the encore the backstage staff plucked the mics from their hands and raised the house lights. Boo to them.

  • Woke up early to drive to the East Midlands....
  • Jacked up my car AGAIN!
  • Had a faboosh time
details forthcoming...

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