Tuesday, 30 June 2009

uninspired, unmotivated, unimpressed

I hassled two bloggers today about their lack of new material. JohnBoy was kind enough to oblige quickly with a new post, Rio Tetsuo may need a little more of a push, but I'm sure he'll come around eventually. It's probably best if I update too so I can't be accused of hypocrisy.

The fact is, I prefer reading blogs to writing them. I prefer a little escapism into somebody else's life for a hot minute rather than re-immersing myself in the mundanities of my own. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite fond of my life, but I'm already living it. Writing about it is a form of therapy when it's in a padlocked journal that no one can read, but blogging is exposed. No matter how anonymous you may try to be, the internet is a public forum. And so my posting is restricted. Since I know people that I know may or may not be reading, what I write is restricted to what I want them to know, or what they already know. Maybe I shouldn't have been so free and easy with the web address in the early days.

On a sad note

Michael J is still dead.


And now the rumour mill has begun grinding. (That is what mills do right? Grind? Corn, i think)

Yesterday I heard that Jordie Chandler had been so moved by the death of Michael that he had to come clean about the blatant fabrication that was his molestation charge. I wanted to believe it, but it came accompanied by a waft of bulls*** that was hard to ignore.

MaryMary are also proclaiming (falsely) that Michael was baptised 3 weeks before he died. While this seemed to be a source a great comfort and relief to the 1,080 commenters on their status, it is a LIE!

Leave Michael alone!!

In further life updates:

I'm tired and unmotivated (there's a surprise!)

and my MOT is due in 11 days - I should probably look into that.


SherryBaby* ain't nuthin but a money-grabbing....

*SherryBaby is my car, if you didn't get that reference


  1. ALright, I've blogged up baby, - i think i need to put labels on my blog posts- im gonna read more of you son- i likey

  2. yay something new to read!

    please continue perusing at your pleasure my dear