Thursday, 11 June 2009

tomorrow is my birthday!!

It really is a self-explanatory title.

Tomorrow at 10:10am it will be 24 years exactly since the world was blessed with my presence!

Lucky world


Now I know it's credit crunch and the big expensive presents will not be forthcoming. But even so my birthday gives me a little frission of excitement. I'll be up til 12 tonight to see it in. Tomorrow I have an oral surgery session in the afternoon and I'm hoping that my birthday present will be first pick of the patients! I'd love to pull a tooth or two on my birthday (I am the consumate dentist).

However, aside from the BoyzIIMen concert which I'm attending with Nadia as a birthday present tomorrow night, I won't be holding any other celebrations. It's not really the time. Since Sabrina passed so tragically I can't really bring myself to celebrate like nothing happened. Maybe I'll postpone celebrations until I feel more in the mood. Sabrina's death is still a shock to me, I can't process it properly.

Everytime I read or hear about the crash I just tear up. I sometimes get accused of being a lil stand-offish and cold, and I'd probably agree with all who think this, but my emotions run deep and I have a ridiculous amount of empathy, and I feel like sometimes I can feel the emotions of others more keenly than I can my own. So no, I have no idea how Sabrina felt as the plane went down, but that doesn't stop my mind recreating what I think it must have been like, along with the occasional tears. I've been more reticient than usual, less chatty, less involved. The fragile nature of life has been exposed but I have never felt more detached. Hopefully I'll be back in the game soon.

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