Thursday, 5 November 2009

first post of November

Hmm so I think we can all agree that I am failing in my mission to keep this current and up to date.


I would like to place the blame firmly at the door of the bitch-ass exams that are taking place next week, revision for which has absolutely destroyed any social schedule I may have had.  I'm not ready yet, but for some reason  The Fear has yet to hit me.  I'm not sure if you know about The Fear.  It's that moment prior to exams that halts you in your casual slow rolling steps, and makes you think "SH***********T I have exams in ___ days/ weeks" (please fill as appropriate).  The Fear usually causes that final burst of intense revision that gets you through the exams.

My exams are next week.

I have yet to feel The Fear.

I'm a little concerned.  Usually it kicks in about a week before.  But I have 3 days until exam number 1 and so far I'm feeling a little complacent.  Complacent people fails exams.  Retakes are in January - something to look forward to over X-mas I guess.

This is all very pessimistic - not like me at all.

To make myself feel better I have started the list of things I can do once revision is over:
  1. I've booked VIP tickets for screen 11 at the odeon to watch the exploitation flick This is it - I missed out on the concert, I want to see what my £80+ would have got me.  Don't think I lack sentimentality, MJ's death was tragic (and possibly homicide - that doctor is going to get shanked in jail).  But this film has nothing to do with missing Michael and everything to do with AEG recouping their huge financial losses.  So in the spirit of exploitation I will be sitting in VIP (extra money to sit on a balcony). 
  2. Learn French (again)  I have started and stopped and restarted and given up and now I'm starting again.  And this time the language of romance will stick.  I want to have dreams in french and watch La Haine without the subtitles.  (incidently, some1 still has that DVD and at some point I want it back).  To be honest I want to serenade Thierry Henry in his native language - at least I'm honest about my motives.
  3. Learn Guitar.  This one was inspired by the return of Mrs Bailey Rae - whom I love and admire massively (and who I will be seeing on 23rd November at an intimate sold out gig at the Tabernacle - *excitement*!).  But I've wanted to learn an instrument for ages.  When it comes to music I'm a jack of all trades but master of none.  I have a problem sticking with stuff - a typical gemini trait if you're into that stuff.  So I hope that by the time I graduate I will be an insoucient french speaking, guitar playing, natty dreaded, salsa dancing dentist.
  4. SALSA!  I've missed you my old friend.  Back to friday nights at Bar Salsa is a must.  I also want to check out the moves of the city boys since they're holding classes in Abacus now on Mondays.  It could be interesting.  I hope I don't bump into Babyface though.  It's where I met him and I know he likes to frequent it for after work drinks.  

  5. Study. Yeah I know this one is a little counter-productive (taking my mind off work with more work)  But I actually enjoy studying.  I started some reseach before revision hit that will make my academic CV pop, so I should probably finish it at some point before I have to start applying.
    Yeah thats pretty much it - life starts again on 12th November - and I may even blog some more too!   YAY - I actually do feel better.

    Back to revision

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