Friday, 17 April 2009

are you kidding me??

TV Execs must be grasping at straws if this is the best they could come up with.

Set The Video: My Life As An Animal, BBC Three, Thursday 16 April, 9pm


I can't quite make out whether this is going to be like watching the televisual equivalent of liquid poo or one the most geniusy things I will ever see in my life. I'm previewing My Life As An Animal because I see it as public duty - if you tune into BBC Three on Thursday night and see human being crawling about on all fours eating dog food you may think someone has spike your tea with some of the most powerful LSD that humanind has ever made, so you definitely need to be warned.

The series itslef sees eight 'celebrities' take part in a reality series and that is being badged, by the channel funnily enough, as an "innovative and bold" experiment. In it, these slebs will try and learn more about animals by sleeping, eating and (trying to) communicate with horses, dogs, pigs, penguins and seals.

Even as I write this I'm struggling not to laugh out loud. Surely it's no more so an important and bold social experiment than Big Brother (and we all know what that is really).

But let's take this seriously just for a second. The volunteers will closely observe the animals to help inform their own behaviour. Then its in with the animals - gaining a place within the strict hierarchy of thoroughbred stallions, winning the trust of a pack of foxhounds, and learning about pigs and their piglets.

And that's where this first episode starts, with pigs. Actor Richard Da Costa and Five Live's Lynsey Hipgrave leave their homes, friends and family behind to live as pigs for four days.

Complete and utter madhouse. Half of me wants to shoot the person who came up for this for finding another new low TV can sink to, but the other half... is curious.

From TV Scoop

I'm not curious, I JUST want to shoot whoever thought of this, and whoever okayed it, and whoever researched it, and whoever else is invoved! Reality TV is the fifth horseman of the apocolypse.

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