Tuesday, 14 April 2009

attempt number...

The internet is littered with my failed attempts at blogging.

I have blogspotted, wordpressed (for shame!) and even hosted at a secret domain name which can only be revealed under duress.

I tried to join the natural black haircare movement, only to find that it is rife with hairtype clashes (kinkies vs curlies and cnapps fighting all by themselves) and product worship. But since I'm on my way to that "it's just hair" nirvana that all naturals aim to reach, I think blogging about my body's waste keratin is a snooze.

I tried to blog about dentistry - since we are severely under- and misrepresented...

But teeth are never going to set the world alight, and after a full day of studying, a girl could do with a break.

So I guess this serves as a warning, the path of this blog is as yet undefined... follow at your peril.

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