Thursday, 16 April 2009

late night/ early morning ramblings

Why am I awake and coherent at 3am?

I went to see a late night showing of Fast & Furious at the vast, UFO shaped monstrosity on the Greenwich peninsula.

A perfect example of why your mother told you not to judge a book by it's cover, inside is FAB-U-LOUS! Restaurants, bars, clubs, exhibition centres, music arenas AND a cinema with a screen of a size that defies description (Screen 11* - if you don't know, you need to!)

When it comes to shoot-em-up, chase-em-down films I'm a cynic. I go in with the lowest of low expectations and from there the only way is up:

A discernable plot? - cool
A reasonable, straightforward and engaging plot? - bonus baby!

Coherent dialogue? - nice
Interesting and character appropriate dialogue? - well jeez - well lucky ol' me, bonus again!

I went into Fast & Furious expecting remedial acting of a basic script but I was pleasently surprised.

I also began to understand the Vin Diesel man-crush. Vin Diesel is the guy that the manly men want to be (and womanly women want to have lol).

He's not the effeminate shiny bodied metrosexual male model, with muscles like a slab of chocolate, and just as useless. Vin has muscles that look functional, instead of pretty boy aesthetic, responds in grunts and growled words, and wraps it up with a teddybear smile.

Unfortunately his real name is Mark Sinclair - nobody's perfect.

But the return of testosterone filled men? I'm enamoured.

Actually starting to feel tired now...

[*alledgedly the largest in London at 22metres wide]

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