Wednesday, 11 November 2009

almost there...

Thanks to God, Allah, Krishna, Jehovah, Thor, Ra, Yemaya, The Flying Spaghetti Monster and/ or ___insert your deity of choice___

I'm almost through exam season.

Technically I should be going over notes for the last paper tomorrow - but I'm taking a break to eat Maryland cookies (yum) and catch up on my favourite blogs.

I haven't left my house to do something enjoyable for weeks.  Eva, the eternal homebody is sick of her home, her room and her bed - I never thought that it could happen!

Exam season has been good to me so far.  With no wish to tempt fate, so far things are progressing adequately. 

Not well?

Not well by any stretch of the imagination.  If I had been prepared to put in the necessary work, a distinction would have been imminent.  At the moment I'm hoping for a merit, I think I've passed, I think.  The thinking is driving me nuts.  But it's almost over!

In other news, the chef from one of the best Caribbean restaurants in London (if not the whole of the UK) has moved and opened his own restaurant in Canary Wharf.

Check it out here.  This is where we'll be wining and dining Mum for her birthday next weekend and she has no idea.  If you check out the restaurant you'll realise that its naming was an exercise in vanity.  But believe me when I tell you that this guy's ego deserved to be stroked.  I went to his restaurant in Brick Lane for my birthday and never wanted to leave. 

Perfect cocktails and perfect food

My only peeve was that the menu was full of typos (grammar nazi reporting for service), but hopefully that has been rectified.  If anyone has already tried this restaurant let me know what you thought.

Back to revision... wish me luck

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