Monday, 30 November 2009


So much to say and so little time.

  • I read Precious (Push) and watched Good Hair and both inspired tonnes of thought. 
  • I saw Corinne Bailey Rae's comeback gig at the tabernacle which has received rave reviews - one of them by me since me and my girl D had our comments featured in the Observer review section - woop!  Unfortunately the pictures were beyond awful so we kept that quiet. 
  • I watched Lenny Henry in Othello and was pleasantly surprised by his skill.  Then a few hours later I was disappointed by his dismissal
  • I seriously looked into places I can go and live after studying is done.  Requirements include heat, but no bugs, english speaking (french at a stretch), tax-free OR somewhere I can do some good.
  • I got my exam results back and totally surpassed my wildest expectations.  

Each of these should be a stand alone post - but I have no tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime - arrrgh!

My obnoxious self centred narssicism has raised it's ugly head - 5/7 sentences start with an "I" and I couldn't care less.

ME, ME, ME gaddammit!!

Everybody needs a day of self love

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