Wednesday, 11 November 2009

today i... (pt 2)

 Today I news surfed on the crackberry on the train home:

FINALLY, Egypt is taking back its stuff! The staff at the Egyptian museum in Cairo want the Rosetta Stone back - can you believe that they have a fake version?

I wonder how the British Museum will respond to their request.

I love the peace and serenity of the British Museum.  I love the Bloomsbury area of London that it resides in.  I love that there is a fantastic comic book store right outside the British museum where I go to reward myself for my intellectual and cultural endeavours.

I do not love that my favourite area of the museum is signposted "Egypt and Africa".  Would they like a map? A globe?  A slap upside the head maybe?  I'm sick of Egypt being treated as a culturally distinct area, seperate from the rest of Africa.  It seems that this is the only way that the world can acknowledge the advanced nature of a civilistation that was ancient to the ancient greeks and romans!  Damn shame that it was on the same continent those black folk came from.

**rant over**

This one was sent to me by a fellow dental student avoiding revision as something we can aspire to when we qualify.  To paraphrase - a scottish MP (Alex) has got himself into a  bit of trouble after treating his dentist and his wife to a £1,400 meal and VIP tickets to a pop concert event on the taxpayer's dime.

So as an occasional tax payer I am incensed, but on the other hand, Alex had just had root canal treatment the week before.  Unless you have felt the hot throbbing ache of an infected tooth you may not understand the gratitude that some patients feel to their dentists post treatment. Next time hopefully that gratitude will come from his own pocket.

Back to revision - seriously this time

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  1. If only more of my tax pounds were spent half as well. Not saying I want to fund the lifestyles of the opulent and irresponsible but two wars, half a dozen broken banks, a handful of exorbitant bonuses and extravagant expenses later and suddenly an (over) generous mark of gratitude doesn't seem so bad....

    Or maybe that's what alex was hoping for, stingy b*****d.