Monday, 14 September 2009

celebrity adoption

Elton John wants a baby

Some of you may already be aware of the low opinion I have of the celebrity 'rent a black foreign baby' fad that is going on.  Madonna has been adopting "orphans" with living parents (it's amazing what doors money can open), and... ermm...

(Angelina and Brad are exempt - beauty opens even more doors than money so with beauty and money, they are pretty much vindicated of any crime!)

Ok so far only Madonna has really vexed me...


The point was, I was watching that new BBC show, where Ian Wright is flanked by 2 Y-list blondes and they were chatting about Elton John's failed adoption attempt in Ukraine.

Firstly - Breaking news! Celeb finds orphans in Europe!  Soon they may realise that there are even orphans in the UK...

...nah I'm overstretching, my mistake.

Elton John went to perform in the Ukraine at an orphanage for the Elton John Aids Foundation, and fell in love with baby Lev whom he subsequently tried to adopt.  He was shot down because in Ukraine there are 2 adoptions rules

Rule 1:  the age difference between an adoptive parent and a child must be 45 years or less

Rule 2:  foreign citizens who are single have no right to adopt children

Elton John's civil partnership with David somebodyorother is not recognised in the Ukraine.

Discriminatory?  Maybe.  I'm assuming that according to this rule, a male-female couple who were unmarried would also be unable to adopt - which levels the playing field unless gay people aren't afforded the opportunity to get married in Ukraine in which case yes, it is discriminatory. 

But Rule 1 makes perfect sense

I'm not sure how accurate this is because google is not playing the game tonight but allegedly

"If you were born in 1950, your life expectancy at birth was only 68 years"

Elton John is 62.

Admittedly he will benefit from modern advances in healthcare and having the best health insurance money can buy (money, again!  That's some good stuff!), but it's not really looking good.  Seriously, if 60 year olds were supposed to procreate, breasts would win the fight against gravity, there would be no need for any little blue pills and fertility wouldn't decrease with age (or stop altogether as is the case with most women).

Elton, how about instead of the Madonna approach (using your fame and fortune to bypass the rules of a country), you fund the orpanage so that Lev can grow up surrounded by his culture and learn to help himself and other orphans like him. 

How about you give some money to one of those charities that have adverts with music that tugs at your heart strings and lil black and asian kids looking after their 10 siblings as the voiceover tells you that 2p a day could send lil Anita to school.  There is SO MUCH he could do with his power, wealth and influence and if he decides to be unoriginal and flaunt the laws of a country I will be very disappointed.*

*lol at the irrelevance of my disappointment to Elton*

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