Saturday, 19 September 2009


People tend to talk to me.  I don't really invite it, but something about me leads people to believe that I am trustworthy and non-judgemental.  The first is true, the second, if I'm honest, is more dependant on my mood. 

A few months ago, when I went through one of my miserable loner phases I became sick of being everyone's confidante.  I found that those who would bend my ear nightly, were a lot less receptive to hearing my problems.  I clammed up, stopped answering my phone and sent a big middle finger to the world.

I'm over it now, I think

I'm put in a position of trust daily and today is no exception.  And its a special thing, not something I should dismiss lightly. 
Today made me realise that. 


  1. Hey yeah I'm back and posting hard!

    That video you posted is dead wrong though - I feel old when I ask, what is the world coming to?