Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Eight legged freaks

Yesterday there was a spider in my bed.

It was large, and black, with more legs than anybody really needs. It scuttled up my sheet in that disconcerting way that spiders have when they move quickly.

I employed my usual spider response

Namely the 'scream and run'

It's very effective when the spider is somewhere that you don't mind not being. But this one was in my bed. By the pillow. Under the duvet. Where I wanted to be.

Yesterday I employed a new technique.

The 'little brother rescue'

He's amazing, he's taller than me and an absolute skinny beanpole. But he handles spiders with skill.

So today I dedicate my night of uninterupted sleep to my brother. THANK YOU!

***there was supposed to be a picture - but it scared me so just use your imagination***

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